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The KIPP Memphis Collegiate Schools (KMCS) regional staff oversees the quality, sustainability, and growth of KIPP schools in Memphis. The office provides a number of services to our KIPP schools including compliance, facilities management, finance and accounting, fundraising, human resources, marketing, operations, talent recruitment, and technology. The regional team also supports KMCS alumni in their journey to and through college, and provides support and coaching to school leadership teams. The goal of the regional office is to eliminate redundancies at the school level and create a more sustainable school environment, where the focus is on teaching and learning. You can view the KMCS bylaws here.


About Our Leader

With experience in education (as both a teacher and principal) and business, Jamal McCall is uniquely qualified to lead KMCS as its Executive Director. Jamal has demonstrated unparalleled management and leadership skills while at the helm of KIPP’s quality control and growth in three different states for over eight years.  Jamal has shown the ability to not only drive the everyday operations of KIPP schools, but also to infuse excellence into their mindset, culture, quality, and ultimately, their results.



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Please note: the Regional Office houses regional staff only. Visit the "Our Schools" tab for maps on each school location.

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