"KIPP means so much to me. I still live by the slogans my teachers taught me: 'when there is a problem, we look for a solution' and 'the key to success is to never stop learning."

KIPP Memphis Alum

Now heading to work for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, George says he still carries KIPP's lessons with him ten years after he finished our middle school program.



My son started at KMAM in 5th grade, in the founding class, and now he has been with KIPP Memphis for seven years. KIPP has really been accommodating and good for me and my son. They make me feel like my son really brings something special to the school, and I feel like he wouldn’t get the same opportunities at any other school. At first I was nervous about sending him to a new school, because he has autism, but the principals promised me that they would take care of him, and that is what they have done.

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Get to Know a KIPPster

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Aaliyah Allen

KMCH CLASS OF 2019 “I am one of the founding members of the marching band at KMCH and it has felt special to watch it grow. Band made a space for me at KMCH to connect to students that I never connected to at first. It gave me people who are invested in me, outside of band — what college I am going to, how I’m feeling each day, my home life, etc. I feel ingrained in the school culture because I am in band. It makes me feel involved, like there is something special about me at KIPP. It feels really good to travel around and show people what we can do, and put trophies in the office. Band has given me the mark I can leave at KIPP.”

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Jaylen Gillard

KMCM CLASS OF 2026 “I started 1st grade at KIPP Memphis Collegiate Elementary four years ago, and now I am a 5th grader at KIPP Memphis Collegiate Middle. KIPP is helping us every year so we can climb the mountain to college. I like that the teachers encourage us to be gritty and to work hard. This makes me feel good because having been here for first, second, third, fourth, and now fifth grade, I’ve be- come a lot smarter.”

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Victoria Meeks

KIPP MEMPHIS ALUM “KTC has been my lifeline. My KIPP education followed me from my non-KIPP high school all the way through my KIPP Partner degree at Penn. I’ve had the opportunity to participate in KIPP specific pre-collegiate programming at Georgetown University, and I was fortunate to intern on Capitol Hill as a rising senior in college because of KIPP. Without the guidance of my KTC counselor, Ms. Gest, I would not have built the confidence to apply for and ultimately obtain an Ivy League degree.”

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Damilla Greene

KMPM CLASS OF 2024 “I started at KMPM in the 5th grade. Both of my older brothers go to KMCH, and I am excited to go there when I graduate middle school, too. I like that teachers and students show respect and pride at KIPP. My favorite thing is the end of year field lessons, when we go across the state; last year we went to Texas, and the year before we went to Little Rock, Arkansas. I get to see places outside of Memphis, and it makes me excited to go to college. Right now, I think I want to go to UConn when I graduate.”

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Brendan Ward

KMCH CLASS OF 2015 “Thanks to KIPP, I graduated from Western Kentucky University. it to Over the last three years, I’ve had a chance to get hands on experience by getting involved with the campus radio and television stations. After graduation, I am looking forward to pursuing a career as a multimedia journalist.”

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KMAE CLASS OF 2032 “I love KIPP because my teachers are nice. I learn a lot. My favorite time of the day is when we get to learn music.”